Seeing Red With Chanel

If you’ve been following Chanel on social media – you can’t have missed seeing pictures ot their big beauty launch this fall – the first collection made by their new Global Creative Makeup and Colour Director Lucia Pica called Le Collection Rouge. 

It’s all based on the love of the colour RED and the products have all different hues of red.

“Red means love, and danger and passion, but also disruption – it’s so strong.” Lucia Pica told Vogue.


The collection consist of nailpolish, lipstick, lipliner, cream eyeshadows, a eyeshadow quad, blush and mascara – and the most daring and maybe difficult part of the collection would be the red eyeshadow. BUT don’t be afraid – give it a go!

TIP on wearing RED eyeshadow:

Skærmbillede 2016-08-04 kl. 10.05.50

Red can be BEAUTIFUL on the eyes and bring out green and blue eyes to the max. Mix it with a bit of the brown shadow for a more subtle finish.

The most important trick, for not looking sick – as most people are afraid of when putting red around the eyes, is to conceal.

Use a good lightreflecting concealer around the eyes, to cover up dark cirkles and any other redness. An even skintone can easily be achieved with this and a light foundation.


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  1. KysogMakeUp

    YES, kan ikke vente! DØR over især læbestifterne <3

  2. Stephanie C.

    Really excited to try out this trend, I tend to lean more towards brownish reds or even more orange tones but maybe I should try out a full on red makeup look!


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