5 Great Lipstick Neutrals

Are you looking for that perfect everyday neutral lipstick? I’ve got 3 great options, that I personally love. Don’t judge by the pictures – it’s always a bit difficult to get the colour right, but these 3 are all shade I would use on photoshoot, on a bride or on myself when a neutral lip is the way to go.

Indian Rose by Tom Ford  // 378 Velvet Rose by L’Oréal Paris, 100 kr. // Faux by MAC, 165 kr.

4 Responses to “5 Great Lipstick Neutrals”

  1. KysogMakeUp

    Smukke farver. Og Tom Ford laver bare nogle superlækre læbestifter!

  2. Ronja

    Uh, WHIRL and Velvet Teddy from Mac are also soooo good for everyday!

  3. Eva B

    Jeg er forelsket. Indian rose. Tak, Sarah, for at vise den.

  4. Camille

    Thx 🙂


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