Budget Tuesday: 4-in-1 Nail Tool

One of the things I V E R Y often forget to bring on my vacation, is a nail file. I always end up borrowing a file or buying a new one. It’s 100% certain that at least one of my nails will chip or break during the days away from my beauty headquarter aka home.

I just disovered this 4-in-1 nail tool from Sephora, where you can file and buff away for only 35 kr. It’s small and handy, and you can fix your nails from disaster to shiny in no time. Love it!

4-in-1 Nail Tool from Sephora, 35 kr.

One Response to “Budget Tuesday: 4-in-1 Nail Tool”

  1. Polish Perfect

    Same here. I often end up borrowing nail file on vacation/travel. I usually get a bad one so once I even managed to ruin a nail. This tool looks very useful, I just need to remember to pack it.


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