New Favorites

Here are some new favorites on my bathroom shelf:

You never know with the Scandinavian summer and right now it’s pouring down with rain. I’m usually very careful with selftanners, but more a fan of the gradual tans, which are more sutle. This cream from St Tropez has a bronzing colour, so you easily can se where colour is applied on the skin. It also gives an instant effect, but I’m more amazed of the sneaking colour that comes a long the next couple of hours. My legs looked SO tanned, but still natural. It’s a keeper and must when I’m (eventually get to be) wearing a bikini…

Gradual Tan Tinted // St Tropez, 245 kr.

Finally Balmain hair products are availible in Denmark! I’ve been waiting for this, since I know a lot of famous hairstylists love the brand. I’ve tested the texturizing hair spray, a product that seams like a must for fine Scandinavian hair. Just spray after hair wash and blowdry for a cool structure.

Texturizing Salt Spray // Balmain, 229 kr.

I disovered this skincarebrand on instagram (@herbivorebotanicals) and I’m obsessed. It’s Amercian so I had it shipped via a friend to me, but hopefully someone will take the brand to Denmark soon. It’s all organic, non-toxic and with terpeautic ingredients – and all recycleable. It’s sold in Urban Outfitters in the US. I love coconut water, so I had to try the Rose Coconutwater face mist, which is amazing and so refreshing. I might with, they didn’t use glass bottles, since they are heavier than plastic and I scared of dropping it. What if it breaks!

Rose Hibiscus Coconut water Hydrating Face Mist // Herbivore, ca.105 kr. 

Even though my son is 2,5 years old, the lack of slepp and rest shows in my shows in my face some mornings. This serum eyestick from the Korean skincarebrand TonyMoly gives my eye area a cooling effect with seawater extract and bamboo.

So Cool Eye Stick // TonyMoly at Sephora, 100 kr.

Another brand new to Denmark is Juice Beauty. It’s an organic and high preformance skincare product line, with pure ingredients. You might have heard about Gwyneth Paltrow collaboration on their makeup line – but this, we have to await to launch in Denmark. In the meantime you should try the Stem Cellular Instant Eye LIft Algae Mask. You know I love eyemasks, and where many masks only offers moist and a feel good feeling, this also lifts and brigtens. You can acturally see and feel the difference after use.

Stem Cellular Instant Eye LIft Algae Mask // Juice Beauty, 119 kr. pr stk.

3 Responses to “New Favorites”

  1. Marie-Louise Jønsson

    Hej Sara hvorfor er teksten på engelsk ? Ml

    • Sara

      Hej Marie-Louise,
      det er fordi jeg har besluttet at skrive på engelsk fra nu. Håber alle er OK med det – men det er simpelthen for også at imødekomme læsere fra udlandet. Jeg kunne selvfølgelig vælge at skrive på både dansk og engelsk, men det er ret tidkrævende at oversætte og så bliver indlæggene ret lange. Vi er så dygtige til engelsk i Skandinavien, så jeg tænkte det ikke ville være noget problem. Generer det dig? KH Sara

  2. Anette

    Hej Sara, ja det generer mig. Skandinaver kan sagtens læse dansk. Dansk er et lille sprog vi alle burde værne om.


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