Summer Gorgeous On A Budget

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This summer you need a saltwaterspray to create those loose, effortless beachy waves. Wet down your water first, so your hair does not get to dry and spray around 10 times sprays into your roots. Let it air dry, if your hair already has natural waves, or devide your hair into random sections (5-7), twist the hair and wrap it around two fingers, all the way up to your scalp and secture with a clip. Let 2 cm of the ends be unwrapped. Let it dry, take the clips out and shake!

Beach Blonde Sea Waves Texure Spray // John Frieda, 129 kr.


Always protect yourself with SPF, even though it’s cloudy. This sun oil protects your skin with SPF 30 and gives your skin a really nice shine, that looks healthy and beautiful.

Sun Spray Oil SPF 30 // Avène, 199 kr. 

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A bronzer is a genius way of highlighting your summerglow. Use it where to sun naturally hits your face, like the cheeks, bridge of your nose, hairline and chin. Take a look at this video, if you’re insecure. This bronzer has different shades of colour, including a warm abricot, which gives your face a natural look.

Sun Dish Bronzer // Sephora, 170 kr. At Sephora

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This is a great drugstore scoop – the Baby Lips lipbalm gives your lips moisture, a hint of colour and SPF protection 20. A must have in your pocket this summer. My favorite colour is Cherry Me – a natural, deeper lip colour. A great extra tip, is to dab a tiny bit of this balm into the apples of your cheeks, to give a bit of colour and glow.

Baby Lips, Cherry Me // Maybelline, 40 kr.

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On the limit of being a budget scoop, but in this sunscreen you’re not only getting protection, but also a tinted moisturizer. It look’s really good on the skin, but you need a bit of a beginners colour first, since this is a one colour fits all.

Sunscreen Face Cream, tinted SPF 50 // Korres

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