UV Hair Protection Spray

Your hair can get sundamaged too, you just can’t feel it, because hair is dead. You can sure see it, because your hair will feel dry and look matte if you don’t protect it.

The easiest way to protect your hair againt UV, is with a spray with a UV filter. Use this after you’ve washed your hair for everyday protection, but and again before you go to the beach for extra protection.

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Spray oil that protects agains heat and UV, but also has a light styling funktion. Use it in wet hair and blowdry.

Bumble and Bumlbe Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer, 257 kr.

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This is a brilliant CC leave-in-cream for use after hair wash. It provides moisture and UV protection to your hair.

Kérastase CC Crème, 250 kr.

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Light weight spray for your hair, that nourishes and protects.

L’Oréal Professionnel Solar Sublime UV Protect, 82 kr. 

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  1. Helle Rick

    Jeg har meget mørkt hår og forsøger alt jeg kan for at det ikke skal falme om sommeren. Jeg bruger Kérastase CC Crèmen og den er jeg super glad for. Lige pt. er det vist ikke nødvendigt med CC creme i håret, nu sommeren lader vente på sig.


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